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Jaarboek & Zapping Europese sateliet
TV kanaal gezocht:

This feature aims at showing on the map the dish sizes that allow a good reception of a beam,
updated upon your own reception reports. Your specific comments for each beam are also available under the map.

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page

  Beam: Europe
Frequenties: Astra 3B  

Detailed reception reports and comments about this beam:

2022-05-12 14:58:53lekbir (33.8N-9E,100cm) ? nice

2022-05-06 09:51:26Bosboom (-,150cm) ? Zuid- Turkije

2019-04-18 15:56:15princeofsat (-,80cm) Good signal with some rain reserve on 80cm offset dish in Essaouira

2017-04-07 16:02:12adamdkcz (-,23cm) Best signal

2016-08-27 18:49:22baldacci1944 (42.9N-14.1E,85cm) 69,3db

2016-03-31 23:38:56Mr.DXer (28.8N-29.9E,180cm) ? Over 75 % in all frequencies in Cairo Egypt with180 Cm Dish

2015-12-23 15:32:01xtrafreshz (40.1N-44.9E,95cm) 50-55% signal with a 95 dish in downtown YEREVAN.

2015-10-05 12:53:25Sat.Buscador (40.3N-6.4W,80cm) Madrid,Alcorcon,antena 1,10 cm,LNB marca "SATELITE ROVER" 0.1db,decodificador OPENBOX X5.Se capta bien los transpordedores siguientes:11720-28200 H,11739-27500 V,11778-27500 V,11836-27500H,11856-27500V,11895-27500V,11934-27500 V,11973-27500V,12032-27500H,12070-27500H,12110-27500H,12129-27500V,12148-27500H,12168-27500V,12188-27500H,12207-27500V,12034-27500H,12402-30000V,12525-27500V,11914-29900H.///wasapp 698345020.E-Mail/

2015-05-30 16:54:01Qquiderr (50.7N-14.7E,80cm) EN: in czech republic is perfect signal.Very good satellite for czech selected by skylink. CZ: v česku na 80ku hraje jak víno, prostě satelit pro naši polohu. Skylink si vybral dobře.

2015-02-25 13:57:15peppeagropoli (39.6N-13.2E,80cm) ? Ad Agropoli provincia di Salerno ottimo segnale con 80cm

2015-02-25 13:56:45peppeagropoli (39.6N-13.2E,80cm) ? Ad Agropoli provincia di Salerno ottimo segnale con 80cm

2014-12-17 22:38:37kronprinz (51N-13.7E,55cm) good signal with 45cm (23.5E)...55cm (19.2E)

2014-06-04 22:15:18Zutik (52.1N-8.4W,90cm) ? Great reception with 90cm dish,signal around 75

2014-06-04 22:14:17Zutik (52.1N-8.4W,90cm) ? Great reception with 90cm dish,signal around 75

2014-03-24 08:50:14todi10 (-,0cm) ? perfect

2013-07-15 23:56:15JSF (-,0cm) Fantastic signal, in Porto Covo, Potugal, Dish Penta Fracarro 85 cm, Lnb invacon with 0.1

2013-03-11 19:32:41AMMAROo (32.6N-32.1E,120cm) تم التقاطها في سوريا بنجاح وسهولة

2012-11-07 01:04:17FQ (52.6N-18.7E,100cm) Zapierdala jak przeciąg na 100cm. Pozdro z Polski

2012-08-23 09:08:10cinogaccu (43.6N-11.3E,80cm) ? good signal middle italy

2012-08-07 22:34:38hansschotel (-,0cm) ? 110 cm

2012-02-19 14:55:33saviola1430 (35.5N-0.2E,60cm) ? from algeria

2012-02-19 14:45:20saviola1430 (35.5N-0.2E,60cm) ? from algeria

2011-11-25 11:51:35giuseppe2 (42.5N-3.2W,80cm) aspaña,vitoria señal 89 calidad 88 .

2011-09-06 19:10:50AMMAR2050 (-,135cm) ? هل ممكن استقبال هذا القمر من غرب اليمن

2011-09-06 19:08:55AMMAR2050 (-,135cm) ? اربد معرفة حجم الصحن المناسب لاستقبال القمر 2305 من اليمن

2011-04-14 09:49:27GBI (52.4N-5.5E,110cm) Fantastic signal, also from 78cm.

2011-03-23 21:56:58fire64 (49.9N-27.1E,90cm) Very good lock from moskow in russia

2010-07-28 21:44:44Greg2k (40.3N-3.7W,80cm) Good reception with 80cm dish in Madrid. Buena señal con antena de 80cm en Madrid.

2010-07-03 23:24:14ss2009ss (44N-21.5E,240cm) ? هل ممكن استقبال هذا القمر في السعودية وبتحديد من المدينة المنورة

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page


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